Support Us

There are many ways to support I-ACT!

  • Participate in Theatre Night Live.
  • Become a member.
  • Attend the annual Cabaret at the Sapphire Room.
  • Perform at the annual Cabaret.
  • Attend a workshop –or teach a workshop!
  • Volunteer to help with the annual Cabaret or biennial I-ACTFest.
  • Submit a show to I-ACTFest.
  • Spread the word about I-ACT!
    • Like us on Facebook.
    • Invite friends to like us.
    • Check in at member theater shows.
    • Share pictures of you enjoying yourself at Actors Forum, the annual Cabaret, or I-ACTFest.
  • Donate! Donations are tax deductible and support the biennial I-ACTFest.

To maximize your donation, please donate via our PayPal Giving Fund page!

Suggested donations to support I-ACT programs:

  • Workshops – $25 for members, $30 non members, $70 for a full season.
  • Theatre Night Live – $5/month
  • Sponsor I-ACTFest – $30 to support an individual, $50 to support a troop.
  • Send I-ACTFest winner to Regional – $50